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Cictan AI Services (CAS)

In today’s era of information overload, it becomes particularly important to efficiently acquire, process, and recreate content. To meet this need, we have developed an advanced AI content generation system that combines the automatic generation of both text and video content, greatly enhancing the efficiency and quality of content creation.

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Article Generator

For text content generation, Cictan’s AI Services (CAS) can monitor multiple websites and intelligently filter articles related to specified topics. Through deep learning and natural language processing technologies, the system can not only understand the core content of these articles but also generate entirely new articles based on them. These articles, while maintaining the original information value, present new perspectives and expressions, thus offering readers a unique and enriched reading experience. The generated articles can be directly published to the WordPress system as drafts, greatly simplifying the content publishing process.

Video Generator

In terms of video content generation, our system also performs exceptionally well. It can translate videos from English or other languages into Chinese and match them with corresponding Chinese voiceovers based on the video content. This feature is particularly suitable for areas such as tourism attraction introductions and historical event narration, allowing Chinese audiences to obtain information more intuitively and conveniently. Our system ensures the accuracy and naturalness of translations and voiceovers through advanced voice recognition and synchronization technologies, maintaining high-quality output even in situations where timing correspondence is challenging.

Demo sites for CAS


A Chinese news portal site


An English Web3 portal site